About us

About Us

The primary task of our foundation is to study, restore and preserve the mosaics created in Georgia, both in ancient times as well as the so-called “Soviet era”. Mosaics are not an archaic art. They were made in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, in the Middle East and the Soviet Union. Mosaics were one of the few tools used to decorate the city. They are unique in that they are found both, in the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Having said this, mosaics should not be seen as entirely separate from the buildings they are created on although, of course, sometimes the image does not relate to that specific object. Georgia happens to be one of the post-soviet countries where the production and creation of mosaics was particularly productive. Objects decorated in fantastic mosaics are scattered across the entire country, some of them being genuine masterpieces.

Mosaics are a valuable resource for researching the evolution of ideology, capturing the elements of everyday life and even to understand what people were thinking and dreaming about. In this context, mosaics shouldn’t just be seen as valuable works of art, but also as unique historical documents that, through the language of fine art, give a detailed description of a historical era. Such historical evidence must be carefully preserved and passed on to future generations. This will help them preserve the cultural heritage of the country, that is known to be the key to national identity.

At present, the protection of historical and cultural heritage is under the attention of the worldwide community. It is because of this that our foundation’s activities are aimed at supporting and developing Georgian mosaics and applied design.

Our supporters

Ribirabo Foundation greatly appreciates the many individuals and corporations that generously support our projects and help us in fulfilling our mission.


  • Grant Thornton Georgia
  • Chateau Mukhrani
  • American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)
  • French Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (CCIFG)
  • French Embassy in Georgia
  • BLC Law Office
  • Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia
  • National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • ArtTent
  • Georgian National Tourism Administration
  • Gori Municipality City Hall


  • Sylvie Clary
  • Ina Clouet
  • Nini Palavandishvili
  • Charlotte Emborg
  • Maya Bichikashvili
  • Olga Makarenko
  • Ksenia Bugrimenko
  • Natali Samarchian
  • Leila Hammani
  • Lomang Carasso,
  • Maral Orazova
  • Ioulia Sautier
  • Teona Dolidze
  • David Gvetadze
  • Jacques Fleury
  • Jean-Partrick Voisin
  • Catarina Bjorlin Hansen
  • Ioulia Sauvage
  • Renata Martirosyan
  • Oksana Fedoseeva
  • Irina Sak

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