Mosaics from the so-called Soviet period are a feature component of this era. Their large-scale production was created with the aim of glorifying achievements and power of the Soviet government and introducing Soviet ideology to the masses. However, the so-called Soviet mosaics were not so unambiguous. The artists of most of the works tried to move away from the state-imposed teachings and find a much more human language for depicting plastic images. From this point of view, the mosaics are an interesting phenomenon that fully demonstrates the universal nature of art that cannot be restricted by any ideology.
In Georgia, the production of monumental mosaics was especially productive. On the territory of Georgia, around four hundred monumental works from the Soviet period have been preserved. At the same time, only a few of them depict Soviet symbols (red star, sickle, hammer, flag, etc). The vast majority is completely withdrawn from the communist ideologies and seek to represent surrounding reality. Additionally, the Georgian mosaic is characterized by special adherence to national traditions. On these mosaic panels one can often find characters in national costumes or displays of specific national symbols, mythology and literature.
For any subject, whether it is universal or narrowly specialized, the starting point is national identity. Georgian mosaics especially, are characterized by a tendency to move away from canonical plasticity of socialist realism and a sensitive perception of artistic trends that dominate the art world in that time period.
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